In 2014, several organizations representing labor and community groups in New York City came together and crafted a ten-point platform titled Climate Works For All. The objectives of the platform were to lower greenhouse gas emissions in the city, create local jobs, and provide social benefits for frontline communities like those hardest hit by Superstorm Sandy. The platform was released around the time of the People’s Climate March of NYC. Upon publication of the platform, Climate Works For All achieved immediate acclaim from the the city. The collaborative effort to fight for a safe climate while protecting workers and communities in New York City continues to this day.

One of the effects of Climate Works For All was the sparking of interest for a similar effort in Philadelphia. The organizers of “CW4A NYC” made the trip to the City of Brotherly Love and presented on their process, their product, and their pathway moving forward. In the ensuing year and a half, with the generous effort of many volunteers, a similar initiative was set in motion for Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Climate Works is now an established and expanding coalition predominately comprised of labor groups and community groups with coordinating support from the Sierra Club. Through discussion and discourse, PCW follows a process of equitable participation and inclusion, where those historically without a seat at the table take the lead in deciding our stances, our actions, and our campaigns.

At PCW, we believe it matters who is sitting next to you when choices are being made. We think about who is present, who is absent, who holds equity and who holds power.

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