• The rights and wellbeing of workers are essential and non-negotiable to a just and green economy.
  • Communities will face the trauma of climate change-induced disasters in different way and extents and our city’s response needs to be better positioned and prepared to address climate-related emergencies ranging from flooding to health epidemics.
  • Black, Brown, immigrant, and low-income communities are the most vulnerable to the insecurities of energy, food, water, air, housing, and land, all of which which climate change exacerbates.
  • Those faced with the greatest burdens must be positioned to lead and have the chance to shape how Philly adapts, mitigates, and responds to climate change.
  • To craft the right solutions, the public, small business, and academia must invest and cultivate the skills, expertise, and ideas of leaders in our communities and workforce.
  • Our government must address social and economic inequalities through bold and strategic actions if we want to achieve healthy, strong and viable communities today and a livable city for future generations tomorrow.

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